Is “team” just a fancy way of saying “group”?

team meetingAt 3SG Plus, we use Microsoft Teams. It’s great for sharing files, sharing thoughts, chatting, all sorts of collaboration. When I was looking into a document we were working on, it got me to thinking… What really is a team? Is it a group of people sitting in a meeting? If they meet five times, does that make them a team? If they each have a job and they do it till the project is complete, does that make them a team?

Team vs Group

I think there is more to it than that. One thing (not the only thing) that makes a team, is that each member is there to use their skills, experience, and talents to help the other members. When they do that, the skills combine in a different way.

To put it another way, in a group, the ultimate ability of the group is the sum of the skills of the members. The skills are added together.  On the other hand, on a team, the ultimate ability is the product of the skills. They are multiplied together.

Being a Team Player

As the member of the team, it’s already been decided that you have something to offer. It could be your technical knowledge, experience, or maybe you bring a fresh perspective. Keep these in mind and you’ll be the team player everyone wants:

  1. Find out what the team needs from you
  2. Look at the skills, experience, and talents that the team has
  3. Identify your own skills that can complement the team’s
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