Spotlight on Geographic Information Systems

geographic information systems

Last month, the world collectively breathed a huge sigh of relief when the youth soccer team was rescued from a cave in Thailand. After days of planning, the technology behind the rescue mission helped rescuers gather spatial data that guided their search. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) helped bring data about the terrain, water and passages to the fingertips of the rescuers. GIS is a powerful technology showcasing the true power of mapping, with an array of applications.

Last week, 3SG Plus’ GIS team gathered in the Columbus office to educate technologists, engineers and architects about the vision of the technology for governments and utility companies. Immediately, it was evident that this is far more than the commonly associated GPS technology, drawing lines and reading maps. A technology so powerful, cities across the country are using it to manage public services and visualize their assets.

With the help of GIS technology, enterprises can provide faster services, increase collaboration and eliminate bottlenecks in workflows. Utility companies are using to improve responsiveness to work orders. Field engineers use it to access and share information about locations instantaneously. The increased field mobility has improved service to households. Cities are using the technology to monitor and manage snow operations, leaf collection and even track election results. It can be used to provide real time metrics on operations. Crowdsourcing is an increasingly common feature of this technology. With the help of detailed custom analytics, supervisors can then design and plan their operations more efficiently. GIS has also been used to quicken emergency response times in cities.

The conversations this presentation generated between the engineers, architects and technology experts was encouraging to say the least. Asset security, policing, archaeological discoveries and a variety of operational efficiencies can be achieved with this intelligent mapping technology. GIS is a reflection of the power of innovation and the possibilities are endless.