fleet of plows

President Dwight Eisenhower would be proud of the network of 47,000 miles of roads connecting the country. He championed the construction of the interstate highway system we use today. It transformed transportation and commerce and is one of the biggest public work successes in the history of the United States.

As we talk of the future of the infrastructure and creating separate lanes on our roads to integrate autonomous vehicles, public transportation officials might argue that there are more basic needs that need to be met. Like help in managing our road networks. Interstate highways and state highways need more efficient event monitoring and maintenance; and technology provides the tools to address two of their biggest challenges.


The multi-dimensional nature of public works means that different needs require different information. Finding a way to effectively communicate relevant information and addressing the varying needs of these stakeholders are some of the biggest challenges for supervisors. For instance, during a storm or snow event, an elected official may need metrics on how much the storm is costing his or her town in management and maintenance. Public Works Directors need to know where department resources are deployed and the important areas that need to be serviced. Citizens need to know road conditions in their area; if roads have been cleared and when the roads are scheduled to be cleared.

PRIMEPlow’s customizable dashboard enables users to gather metrics that are most relevant to them. Supervisors now have access to all the data in one location that provides seamless communication between their internal teams, elected officials and citizens.

By integrating with automatic vehicle location (AVL) technology, PRIMEPlow facilitates better vehicle management and real-time decision making. Supervisors can more thoroughly understand the performance of their investments.

Asset Management

Asset management is a critical need for transportation officials. Transportation departments utilize several types of vehicles to manage and maintain roads. Departments need to know if these fleets are being used efficiently. Historically, departments relied on phone networks to manually track fleet location. Today, many departments utilize automatic vehicle location (AVL) to gather real-time information on vehicles.


PRIMEPlow is an innovative approach to monitoring and managing fleet data in real time and allows public works employees to track progress of vehicles. It allows citizens to access information about the snow removal progress of roads during snow events. Users can track priority of local streets through and web and mobile interface. Cities and countries across the nation are using PRIMEPlow to manage snow events. The PRIMEPlow integration with AVL technology can also be used for leaf collection,  street cleaning, refuse collection and school bus tracking. It is offered as a hosted or on-premise solution depending on the client’s needs. To learn more about PRIMEPlow visit 3SG Plus.