Snow Plow

Make Informed Decisions with Real-time Data During Snow Events

Clearing ice and snow during and after a winter storm is hard enough for municipalities in the best of times. When the roads don’t get cleared on time, everyone from the man on the street to the Mayor is unhappy. Public works employees bear the brunt of this, despite putting in the extra hours working with finite resources, often under inhospitable conditions.

PRIMEPlow is an application to manage and track municipalities’ snowplow operations. Its comprehensive interface is designed to serve users at varying levels of access. Public Works supervisors can in real-time track and manage the progress of snow and ice removal vehicles. They can generate the needed reports to keep elected officials informed. Through a public portal, citizens can track the progress of snow clearing and the priority of local streets.

A real-time picture of snow events as they unfold

Real-time dashboard PRIMEPlow provides decision makers such as Public Works Directors, real-time information on a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard allows them to gauge and manage snow events. Decision makers can then understand where resources are being deployed, search truck history by interacting with the dashboard and generate custom reports to inform decisions.

Event and User Management The real-time dashboard can be configured to control what elements other users can see. Users can track treatment activity, monitor miles of treatment and measure performance metrics per snow event. PRIMEPlow can even integrate with asset management systems to track labor and material costs.

Web-based Public Interface PRIMEPlow is offered with a web-based citizen interface. This allows the public to stay informed about snow clearing activities. As a result, commuters can navigate better. PRIMEPlow is mobile and desktop responsive, thus allowing public to get real-time information even when they are on-the-go.

AVL Systems Integration PRIMEPlow’s agile development enables it to successfully integrate with any Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) fleet service. Currently, several municipalities with different AVL fleets are using PRIMEPlow to manage their snow operations. This same flexibility has made PRIMEPlow capable of tracking fleets in-charge of leaf collection and street sweeping.

Hosted Solution A hosted solution lowers cost of ownership by eliminating any hardware and IT support requirements for the customer.


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