Eliminate Security Threats From Inside-Out

Data leaks are the biggest privacy concern facing organizations around the world today. What has been most startling are the statistics on such leaks. According to IBM, 62% of all attacks are carried out by inadvertent insiders. Organizations usually combat this by identifying areas at risk, developing organization policies that could mitigate threats and by implementing backup and recovery processes. However, most do not consider if their technology protects against internal attacks and if they are monitoring endpoint activity.  

3SG Plus’ internal threat prevention solution provides comprehensive protection against malicious and non-malicious insider threats. Our internal threat prevention solution prevents sensitive information from being communicated, alerts on bulk transfers of documents or any such abnormal behavior and protects off-network devices.  

Secure Your Information and Assets

Endpoint Security Software Traditionally, endpoint security referred to antivirus scanners and systems that protected organizations from outside threats. The rise in data leaks from malicious and non-malicious insiders has given endpoint security a whole new meaning. Designed to address modern security needs, InnerView protects endpoints and your data with accurate and comprehensive internal security. By monitoring your organization’s data in four core areas, InnerView provides holistic security from internal threats. 

Insider Threat Management Insider threats can take various forms. Most threats arise because of negligent users and sometimes organizations cannot even track data loss until it is too late. We’ve even seen organizations that are not able to identify threats until an outside entity discovers them. InnerView configurable management options ensure that all risks are identified immediately, regardless of the size of the threat. Administrators can quickly investigate and address issues with timeline and trending information for incidents. 

Data Loss Prevention Innerview’s data loss prevention and compliance regulation monitoring abilities provide comprehensive endpoint security. It provides the ability to monitor where data is moving, who is handling the data and when it is at risk. By also monitoring endpoint user’s activity, application activity and machine activity, administrators get a 360degree view of their organization. Monitoring endpoints, administrators can be alerted immediately when data is at risk, even before it leaves the endpoint. 

High Privileged Account Monitoring Organizations are often challenged to mitigate risk from privileged users. Users with higher levels of access to infrastructure and its data are at higher risk of lapses. With its endpoint visibility, InnerView can monitor, audit and alert on actions taken by all users. It can monitor access on internal, traveling and remote access devices, servers and file shares.

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