Information management includes all activities that help you access your information better while saving you time.  At 3SG Plus, we help transform your information into digital form by scanning your documents, creating an efficient scan, store and retrieve solution and creating and configuring custom workflow management solutions.

File folders and documents

Scanning & Digital Transformation

3SG Plus can turn paper files and other media into an electronic format for easy retrieval and the elimination of document-related expenses.

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Electronic Document Management

Document management enables your organization to structure and arrange documents based on your needs and requirements.

Workflow chart

Workflow Management

Make the most of your organization’s information, by capturing, organizing, managing and integrating into your systems and processes.


Municipal Court Room


Municipal court improves efficiency and collaboration among staff The Franklin County Municipal Court had over 45 million case record documents stored in 30,000 perishable boxes. They sought 3SG Plus’ professional services to create a comprehensive standardized document retrieval process that would also address their storage and fire hazard issues.

Old bound books


County improves employee productivity and citizen access while preserving valuable property records. Pickaway County found its employees expended a great deal of effort and time to look up a particular property record. They also rank the risk of accidental user damage to historical records and the loss of records in natural disasters. The county auditor turned to 3SG Plus to solve this challenge.

Melissa A Betz
The biggest benefit is the ability to look at the books on a computer. County employees and citizens are no longer constrained by the cumbersome access to a single book, often heavy and hard to locate.
Melissa A BetzPickaway County Auditor