Improving Access While Working from Home


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the business landscape drastically changed for both managers and workers. Work From Home became the norm, which meant employees were given far less access to documents and workflows than they typically needed. Those working with multiple devices and without credentials to access what they needed were left at a disadvantage. Workplaces have scrambled to fix this disparity, adopting new software and work methods to give their employees more access to their online workspace. The offices and companies who have digitized their files and provided greater access to their systems have come out far ahead of their competition during the pandemic and will stay ahead even when many employees return to work in person. Here are the three main areas of importance to focus on to have a robust and streamlined work from home environment.

Access to Files

Companies everywhere are increasingly adopting access to files for their employees with specially designed apps and software. The most popular and affordable options for this kind of accessibility are cloud-based solutions. These pieces of software and online applications have anywhere from gigabytes and terabytes of space to help your employees transfer and store files to each other, which improves collaboration efforts and keeps the workflow flowing smoothly. The cloud has also been incredibly important for businesses, as Google Docs and applications like it allow for instant synchronization between all employees. All of these options allow for a greater scope of your business digitally and ease in working from home operations.

Web Applications

In the past, web applications were slow, sluggish and unfit for business use. The internet has come a long way in the last several years, however, web applications are now some of the best options for companies who need greater access to digital operations. Google Docs is a great option for sharing and collaborating with documents, and Google has a high-quality option for power points and data sets as well, equaling anything Microsoft has put out with PowerPoint and Excel. As long as your employees have a connection to the internet, they can share and upload the documents they need with each other in little time and with no hassle. If the Microsoft Suite is indispensable to you or your employees, you can also use the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well. These are quick and easy to use and eliminate the need for transferring and sharing files through e-mail or USB ports. Great communication tools like Slack are also available to your company as well.


Remote Desktop Access

While web applications and greater sharing and storage of files is important, no digital workspace would be complete without a remote desktop setup. All employees should have access to this software, which allows them to install their own office-ready desktop onto their personal computer. I.T. departments can set up and facilitate this remote desktop setup and employees can work easily through Chrome or the Chrome Remote Desktop application.

Once the desktop is set up, it can be accessed from anywhere in the country and on any device which runs Chrome. All that’s needed is the right credentials to log in and begin using the remote desktop like you’re working straight from the office. There’s also TeamViewer, an application that allows for unattended remote access. This software is free for individuals and lets employees access their workstation with only a few clicks of a mouse.

These pieces of software are incredibly important for those working from home for two reasons. First, they have access to the full array of work functions from their home, and having their work set up on their personal computer can improve the psychological toll of working from home without distraction. If your company is working primarily from Home, now and into the future, you should make sure your employees have access to remote desktop access.


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