GIS Professional Services Help Vectren Project Go Live on Time


  • Cumbersome process to find pipeline location information
  • Lost time and increased manpower costs
  • Need to use two independent application platforms


  • On-time Delivery of critical project for Vectren
  • Saved time and effort for Vectren field engineers
  • Ease of Use through seamless access to location information

We would not have been able to meet our go-live date for our Electronic Content Management project without your help.

I would like to say thank you for the 3SGPlus enabling access to gas asset documents from our GIS application. It was a key piece of the project. Thanks again!”

Project ManagerVectren Corporation


Vectren Corporation, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana is a utility company that produces and distributes electric power and natural gas to customers in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Vectren owns and operates 22,000 miles of natural gas pipeline to serve it’s nearly million natural gas customers. These natural gas pipelines require not just periodic maintenance but mandatory testing to meet federal regulations.


A large number of field engineers work on Vectren’s gas pipeline networks across Indiana and Ohio. Over 200,000 work orders relating to the pipelines have been digitized and captured in Vectren’s Enterprise Content Management system for easy search and retrieval.

Manpower and Time

Field engineers could find specific work order documents without much effort, but finding the location and information on the actual work performed on these pipelines was very cumbersome. End users had to open and review each work order document manually which took a lot of extra time and was adding cost to the company.

Coordination Across Multiple Applications

In addition, end users had to switch between their Enterprise Content Management and GIS applications to find the documents and locate the pipelines respectively.


3SGPlus provided a comprehensive solution by interpreting each work order document from Vectren’s Enterprise Content Management system and then created work order boundaries in their GIS application.

Location Identification

Each work order document had several document types such as drawings, materials and miscellaneous that had to be reviewed. After review, the location of the pipeline and the actual work performed is identified and is captured in Vectren’s GIS application.

Cross Application Integration

3SGPlus integrated Vectren’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system with their GIS application. This enabled field engineers and other end users to use a single GIS application and yet seamlessly view the relevant work documents (stored in the ECM system).


On-time Delivery of Time-Critical Project

Given the large field engineering force and the impact on their productivity, this was a time critical project for Vectren. 3SGPlus’ expertise in both electronic content management and GIS applications, enabled a clear and rapid understanding and realization of Vectren’s requirements.

Saved Time and Effort for Field Engineers

By creating a custom integration of Vectren’s ECM and GIS applications, 3SGPlus was able to save significant time and effort for the field engineers. The ability to use just a single application and yet get access to all the work order information stored within the separate ECM application is what produced these savings in time and effort.