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The Digital Transformation Evolution

If your organizations business objectives include digital transformation, embracing an enterprise content services platform will help you hit your targets.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) of the past has primarily been a vehicle to digitize paper documents into electronic information and  then distribute that information to those that have permission to access it  sometimes more commonly referred to as “document management”. Even organizations with advanced ECM systems have an enormous amount of critical content in siloed applications including most basically email as well as network drives. These silos of information cause employees to overlook critical information or waste time trying to find it.

In today’s more advanced digital age organizations need a platform that can aggregate content across multiple repositories, connect disparate applications, minimize IT sprawl and provide business users with complete, centralized views of the information required to work most effectively. Enterprise Content Services can help your organization establish an information strategy and will deliver your critical content to the right people, at the right time, right where they need to see it.

Content services platforms empower organizations to access their content no matter where it resides. Using Content services organizations can flow their information it into workflows and/or data management tools to drive critical business processes; access their content within other core business applications where employees are already working; and even securely share it with others, both inside and outside company walls.

About Us

3SG Plus is a technology solutions provider to local governments, utilities, and
technology firms. 3SG Plus’ software and professional services enable customers
to make data-driven decisions, faster. 3SG Plus’ experienced engineers and
analysts have solved the workflow, data management and GIS challenges of
customers in more than 30 cities across 15 US states.

3SG Plus is a leader in Enterprise Services: data management, standardization and
migration, assessment, analysis, case management, document management, workflow process improvement, software/application development and business application integrations. 3SG Plus’ Senior Management Team possess 100+ years of combined experience serving both private and public sector clients.

Our experience in deploying large scale solutions, providing comprehensive assessments, combined with comprehensive Agile methodology, based on tenants of the Agile manifesto revolves around customization and automation of business processes to facilitate increased operational efficiency and lower costs. This methodology allows us to meet project specific goals and has proven successful in 3SG Plus projects.

OnBase by Hyland

Developed by Hyland Software, Inc., OnBase is a single enterprise content services platform designed to manage your content, processes and cases. OnBase centralizes your important business content in one secure location, and then delivers relevant information to you when you need it, wherever you are. Increase productivity, deliver excellent customer service and reduce risk across your entire enterprise. 3SG Plus is an authorized OnBase Reseller and leading solution provider for OnBase, including development, consulting and training. If you want to reduce operating costs, improve customer service, standardize your data, while organizing and protecting your content, a 3SG Plus solution built on the OnBase platform is a great place to start.







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