Building Plans

Make Your Plan Review Process Painless and Transparent

Reviewing and approval of building plans is one of the most visible activities for municipalities of all sizes. Delays in the approval process are painful for you, and for your stakeholders – citizens, architects, contractors and elected officials. Such delays could be due to missing documents, lack of visibility or communication gaps.

3SG Plus’ Electronic Plan Review is a solution to address these very problems. We offer an end-to-end solution that provides you control and visibility into every step of your approval process. Key features include easy public access, concurrent plan review, version compare, commenting, automated letter creation, generation of a final plan set (pdf), submission of revisions, and other features to automate the plan review process.

Gain Control and Visibility Into Every Step of Your Approval Process

Document Management Plan review and approval require the handling of numerous documents. These could include such as architectural drawings, explanatory documents, approval forms, and emails. These often are in multiple versions and formats. By having a single repository for all documents, ePlan allows for easy storage, search, and retrieval. This saves large amounts of time and minimizes wasted effort in locating information or reconciling versions.

Streamlined Process Every organization and municipality does things in similar yet distinctive ways when it comes to plan approvals. Having a process that is streamlined reduces delays and improves stakeholder experience through increased visibility. Having a standardized offering capable of being customized simplifies the time to achieve a streamlined process. Our professional services ensure you are not placed in the straightjacket of a one-size-fits-all solution.

Collaboration Tools The power of electronic plan approval stems from its collaboration features. These allow approvers within your organization and external parties such as architects, their clients or contractors to collaborate. Working on the same documents and required actions in real-time shorten delays and minimizing the need for physical submissions or in-person follow-ups. The tools also allow tracking of issues that arise and help to improve your own approval process.

Integrate with your 3rd Party Tools Most organizations have invested significantly in technology. Any new solution needs to interface or integrate well with existing solutions and processes. Our professional services, enable you to integrate both data and process across multiple platforms or tools. 3rd party solutions we’ve integrated with include permitting, content management and enterprise resource management tools.

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