Ensure your networks are secure from internal and external threats

3SG Plus along with our experienced partners can help you monitor the health of your network by building and operating network operating centers (NOC). We help secure your networks too, not only from external threats but from internal threats that may put your vital data at risk in a multiplicity of ways. Our end-point threat detection solutions are configurable and allow you to accommodate your specific business process.

network assistance

Network Operating Centers 

Poor network performance, loss of connectivity, hardware failures and application crashes are common network issues. With our comprehensive NOC service, we can prevent problems by detecting them early. Our on-demand support team follows ISO 27001 standards to keep your assets secure.
Network Center Engineer

Insider Threat Prevention 

3SG Plus’ internal threat prevention solution provides comprehensive protection against malicious and non-malicious insider threats. Our internal threat prevention solution prevents sensitive information from being communicated, alerts on bulk transfers of documents or any user-defined abnormal behavior and protects off-network devices.