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The City Of Bridgeport Improves Public Safety With Better Data Accuracy

Bridgeport, Connecticut is the largest city in the State of Connecticut with a population of over 150,000 residents. Emergency dispatchers in Bridgeport receive on average 120,000 calls for service each year. The City staff was relying on an inefficient paper-based system to create new and maintain existing addresses which did not serve the City or emergency dispatchers as well as it needed to. Aging documents and questionable geographic accuracy combined for a potentially dangerous scenario for first responders.

The City was preparing to implement a new emergency response computer-aided dispatch software solution. It sought 3SG Plus’ expert services in document management and GIS to provide a comprehensive solution to create geographically accurate and standardized GIS address points.

The 4 Ways City of Bridgeport Benefited

Preservation of historical documents City staff were relying on deteriorating paper documents to maintain critical information. 3SG Plus’ skills and expertise in digitally scanning and indexing these documents helped to preserve the information and organize it to make it more accessible.

Location Identification Each address record was extracted from the scanned paper records and added to the data from all subsequent address lists. After review and standardization, each address was mapped to the location of the corresponding structure entrance. This process netted an additional 3,700 previously unmapped address locations.

Increased accuracy of the GIS data By using multiple resources and field visits to verify location, 3SG Plus was able to ensure that the address points were placed on the correct structure in the precise corresponding location. Additionally, previously unmapped addresses were accounted for and provided to be integrated in the new dispatch system.

Improved coordination across multiple departments Previously multiple departments maintained the same data in varying degrees of content, completeness, and consistency. Digitizing that data and creating a central data repository minimized rework.