Is “team” just a fancy way of saying “group”?

team meetingAt 3SG Plus, we use Microsoft Teams. It’s great for sharing files, sharing thoughts, chatting, all sorts of collaboration. When I was looking into a document we were working on, it got me to thinking… What really is a team? Is it a group of people sitting in a meeting? If they meet five times, does that make them a team? If they each have a job and they do it till the project is complete, does that make them a team?

Team vs Group

I think there is more to it than that. One thing (not the only thing) that makes a team, is that each member is there to use their skills, experience, and talents to help the other members. When they do that, the skills combine in a different way.

To put it another way, in a group, the ultimate ability of the group is the sum of the skills of the members. The skills are added together.  On the other hand, on a team, the ultimate ability is the product of the skills. They are multiplied together.

Being a Team Player

As the member of the team, it’s already been decided that you have something to offer. It could be your technical knowledge, experience, or maybe you bring a fresh perspective. Keep these in mind and you’ll be the team player everyone wants:

  1. Find out what the team needs from you
  2. Look at the skills, experience, and talents that the team has
  3. Identify your own skills that can complement the team’s

Nathan Dilley inducted into Association of Ohio Commodores

Nathan Dilley Ohio Commodore

(L-R): Commodore Nathan Dilley, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and fellow 3SG Plus Commodore Nanda Nair

3SG Plus’ Director of Sales, Nathan Dilley was inducted into the Association of Ohio Commodores. Established by Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes in 1966, the Association of Ohio Commodores has been in existence for over 50 years. The association was established to recognize the contributions of individuals to the economic development of their communities and the state of Ohio.

Congratulations Nathan! You’ve done us all proud.

3SG Plus Principal Recognized In Community


DUBLIN, OH – 3SG Plus Principal Nanda Nair’s running organization 2FGR (2 Fat Guys Running) was recently recognized in the Columbus Cityscene Magazine. For the past five years, Nair’s organization has put on the 2FGR Down Syndrome 5K and Fun Run.

3SGPlus co-founder Nanda Nair

Nair’s annual event, scheduled this year for May 22nd at the Dublin Community Recreation Center, has raised over $140,000; approximately two-thirds of which has gone toward Down Syndrome causes. For this year’s event, the club aims to raise $50,000 and hopes to draw upwards of 1,000 participants.

“2FGR started seven years ago,” Nair says. “The vision began as starting a 5K race to give back to a cause while promoting health, community and family values within the Dublin area.”

Today, members can join 2FGR daily, usually at 5:30 a.m., for a run around Dublin. The running group encourages people of different fitness levels, ages and capabilities to join for free. To learn more about joining 2FGR or to sign up for the Down Syndrome 5K/Fun Run visit their website: