One platform,
multiple applications.

Address all of your process needs, with a single system

Managing multiple systems to administer regulatory functions adds unnecessary challenges for state and local governments. Unintegrated and laborious processes create inefficiencies for both internal staff and the larger community. Mission critical information can get duplicated, mismatched, or lost altogether – causing delays, errors, and frustration for all involved.

Having a single system to handle multiple areas of regulation can  ease  the burden that governments face. Whether it be for plan review, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, or environmental health – a unified repository of information offers users access to key data with the press of a button. Every participant in the process, at any level, or within any agency, can view the most recent status updates related to a specific project.

  • Track plan reviews, issue permits, and perform inspections faster and more reliably
  • Ensure zoning code compliance and track variances and rezoning requests from application to adoption
  • Review plans concurrently and route projects to multiple review agencies with ease
  • Initiate cases, issue violations, and monitor compliance with applicable codes to maintain a vibrant community
  • Stay on top of annual sprinkler and occupancy inspections to keep your community safe and prosperous
  • Issue licenses, review applications, and inspect facilities to create a healthy and clean environment for residents and visitors
  • Ensure that businesses and service providers have the necessary credentials and experience to facilitate reliable and predictable commerce
  • Allow citizens to submit complaints and request services online, where they can track the progress from submission to resolution
  • Regulate locations and ensure proper licensure for commercial distribution of cannabis and alcoholic beverages

A single solution for a complex environment

  • Reduces delays, minimizes errors, and provides a
    superior end user experience
  • Provides for an up-to-date, unified, and always
    accessible repository of information
  •  Makes accurate and reliable information available to citizens and industry participants

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Accela is a unified suite of cloud solutions that empower state and local governments to attract and grow
businesses, protect citizens, and build smart cities and
For nearly 20 years, Accela has been an industry leader
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