Improving Access While Working from Home

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the business landscape drastically changed for both managers and workers. Work From Home became the norm, which meant employees were given far less access to documents and workflows than they typically needed. Those working with multiple devices and without credentials to access what they needed were left at a disadvantage. Workplaces […]

Filing Papers Step by Step

Businesses are organizing at a more effective rate than ever before. Much of this increased consistency and quality in filing is due to the fact that papers can be converted and saved into digital forms, but filing processes for physical paper are also improving. Here’s a step-by-step guide to filing paper in a neat and […]

Record Retention Guidelines for Businesses

Whether you are a seasoned or a new business owner, you have certainly learned one certainty: There is a lot of paperwork. Since running a successful business is a monumental accomplishment, the paperwork seems like a necessary evil. It is very tempting to throw away many of those papers and files that have taken up […]