At 3SG Plus, we help our customers make decisions, better and faster. Our software and custom solutions enable local and state governments, utilities and technology organizations to solve their information management, geographic information systems, software development and cybersecurity challenges.

Team reviewing document workflow

Information Management

Increase the effectiveness of your enterprise information with efficient, responsive management. Information management gives you a deeper understanding of your organizational processes by creating workflows, consolidating data architecture and eliminating duplication of resources. Information collected within the enterprise is, therefore, more accurate, consistent and can be leveraged to both drive decision making and create organizational agility in meeting customer needs.

GIS Topographic Net

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) turn information from many sources into easy-to-evaluate spatial information. GIS is used to visually inform decision-makers and the public about challenges and options they may face. GIS can be used to integrate, analyze and share information from various sources that in turn can improve planning and communications through better allocation and management of resources.

Custom Software Development

Balancing the need for meeting customer requirements in a timely manner with managing development costs is a challenge all organizations face. Rapidly changing technical requirements and standards add more complexity to the software development and maintenance process. 3SG Plus’ experienced team works as an extension of our customers’ development teams, to help shorten their time-to-market while ensuring software quality.

Who we serve

For city, county and state governments, we provide integrated digital solutions that make them efficient, responsive and transparent. Starting with business analysis and needs assessment, we offer a range of services, that enable multi-year planning and maximization of prior investments. Our services range from paper to digital conversion, implementing enterprise content management and workflow solutions that integrate with legacy systems. Our GIS services allow the integration of spatial data across every application within governments from property tax records to public works.
Utilities face unique challenges stemming from their capital and maintenance intensive networks, the hundreds of thousands of customers they serve and the regulatory regimes they operate in. 3SGPlus’ digital solutions help utilities manage their network assets better improving ROI on their assets, save effort and time for their large manpower, and provide better service to their customers. By enabling utilities to easily capture, store and access their data and documents, our solutions help them make better decisions and operate more efficiently.
Technology firms, from software developers through healthcare providers, need to innovate to stay competitive. 3SGPlus professional services enable technology firms to focus on their core competence, by augmenting their design, development and delivery capabilities. This enables them to bring products and services to market faster and support their own customers better.

“3SG Plus’ proven service made digitizing more than 45 million paper records, less daunting. The team’s expertise was evident in its seamless execution of the project, making storage and retrieval easier.”

Lori M. Tyack
Lori M. TyackClerk, Franklin County Municipal Court
“The biggest benefit is the ability to look at the books on a computer. County employees and citizens are no longer constrained by the cumbersome access to a single book, often heavy and hard to locate.”
Melissa A. Betz
Melissa A. BetzAuditor, Pickaway County
“I would like to say thank you for 3SG Plus enabling access to gas asset documents from our GIS application. We would not have been able to meet our go-live date for our Electronic Content Management project without your help.”
Project ManagerVectren Corporation