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We are a technology solutions provider to local governments, utilities, and technology firms. Our software and professional services enable customers to make data-driven decisions, faster. Our experienced engineers and analysts have solved the workflow, data management and GIS challenges of customers in more than 30 cities across 15 US states. 

Our Journey

From our founding in 1999, we’ve had one goal. To help you improve your organization’s efficiency. Which is why we started by getting you out of the storage room. We began by scanning your documents and converting them into useful digital assets. Our content management solutions made searching, retrieving and using data easy. We then created workflows around these digital assets that improved your business processes.

You inspired us to build newer solutions to transform data into information. So we expanded to geographic information systems. We began with identifying your requirements and creating data management solutions. Our GIS solutions enabled you to visualize your data. This led to greater insights and helped you make better decisions. As your organizations grew, we began integrating solutions to your existing software applications. From there, helping you build custom software and applications was but a small step.

Our strong relationships have enabled us to continuously explore new technologies. We continue to stay focused on your business productivity.

Join us on our journey to design a better world!

Leadership Team

Jay Jayanthan

Jay Jayanthan


Jay is the Executive Chairman and a co-founder of PRIME AE Group, Inc. He is a certified public accountant by profession and has been a founding member of several other successful companies in the United States.

Jay strongly believes in investing time and resources in people with demonstrated skills and talent. He has been involved in all major strategies related to PRIME’s growth. He currently oversees the finance, human resources, and administration of the company.

Nanda Nair

Nanda Nair

President & CEO

Nanda Nair one of the co-founders of 3SG Plus leads sales and marketing. Nanda began his career in real estate development in California going on to become President of an alternative energy firm. When Nanda relocated to Ohio he started 3SG Group, a technology company. His vision propelled 3SG to be one of the fastest growing businesses in Central Ohio.

Nanda is an electrical engineer and holds a business degree from Franklin University. He is an avid runner and has completed over 10 marathons. He is passionate about improving community health.

Nitin Chamarahally

Nitin Chamarahally

Chief Information Officer

Nitin has years of experience in leading the design, development, and implementation of high-performing scalable technology solutions. He is a technology and business visionary with a strong record of success in delivering strategic business initiatives, including new product launches and merger projects.

Nitin excels in building and managing high-performing innovation teams, leading the growth of the firm’s technology division.